Tips & Tools

Unlocking Your Creativity


Creativity works like a mental muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets.  As a creativity coach and artist, D’Marie has an ever-growing toolbox to get your creative juices flowing and spark inspiration.

Every person has a creative voice — whether you express it directly in an artistic field such as music, writing, painting, or dance or you apply it through problem solving and innovation in more mundane fields like accounting, advertising, human resources, or engineering.  Most of us end up feeling blocked, stymied, or otherwise struggling to understand and express our creative voices at various times of our lives.  Whether it’s trying to make the dream of an artistic life come to fruition or the desire to create a new business that more closely aligns with your lifelong dreams, the call of creativity can be fraught with obstacles.

D’Marie draws on a lifetime of creative expression to bring you tips for understanding the creative process and specific exercises (tools) and activities that can help you break through the blocks and unlock your imagination. These tips and tools are provided in the form of blog posts, e-books, downloadable content, and an e-mail newsletter.

30 Creativity Prompts


Coming Soon!

A full month’s worth of prompts designed to engage your imagination.

  • writing prompts for stories, scripts, or poems
  • inspiration for painting, sculpting, collage, drawing, etc.
  • compose a song or choreograph dance steps
  • create a journal where you test out all of the above — and more!

estimated publication date: May 2017

Creativity Newsletter


Coming Soon!

A regular newsletter offering even more tips and tools for unlocking your creativity.

  • creative prompts
  • workshop announcements
  • reviews of books, blogs, and other creativity resources
  • website news and announcements from D’Marie

estimated publication date: late May/June 2017

Creativity Handbook


Coming Soon!

A simple guidebook for living a more creative life, one step at a time. Unlike most creativity books, this one gives YOU the power to design your own plan for discovering YOUR creative process.

estimated publication date: June 2017

Creativity Checklist


Coming Soon!

The 6 Steps to Doing Something Creative Every Day. Really, it only takes six steps and you’ll be exercising that creative muscle seven days a week.

estimated publication date: May 2017