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D'Marie DelciBorn in Topeka, KS, D’Marie Delci has lived in Massachusetts, New Mexico, and Arizona. Although they won their first award as a writer in 3rd grade and contributed to literary journals in high school and political magazines in college, they did not pursue a career as a writer until later in life.

Thanks to a temporary placement, D’Marie was hired by an internet marketing agency in 2006 and was given a front row seat to the world of online content. Over the years they learned how to create targeted website and blog content as well as how to develop content strategies and implement ongoing content plans. With the rise of social media, D’Marie gained experience in utilizing social media platforms to expand the reach of businesses and brands, creating social media profiles that reflected a consistent brand message across multiple platforms, writing and directing content, and promoting that content to reach a larger audience. Along the way they wrote hundreds of blog posts across multiple verticals as a ghostwriter – and website content, articles, newsletters, and even press releases.

In addition to working in the burgeoning field of content marketing and creation, D’Marie was drawn to coach individuals experiencing creative blocks in their art or in business. As a collage and altered object artist as well as a writer, D’Marie knows the struggle to maintain habits that promote creative expression and has also learned how important creative thought is to building and expanding a business. The lessons and tools they learned through this struggle are shared through a growing practice as a creativity coach.

D’Marie currently resides in Phoenix, AZ with their spouse, cats, and housemate, but likes to travel and can, therefore, be found around the country. Follow them on social media or subscribe to the newsletter to keep appraised of travel plans and when they may be offering a workshop or attending an event in your area.

Other Projects


D’Marie has their hand in several different websites. They serve as Managing Editor and Co-Owner of all three and was responsible for designing all or part of two of the sites (as well as this one).

Artistic Nomads

Artistic Nomads is the life dream of D’Marie and their spouse, Johnna Gale.  Their goal is to buy an RV, convert a trailer into an art studio, and travel the country making art.  The site showcases their work, their travels, and their progress towards their ultimate goal.  Check it out here.

Kitchen Shaman

Chef Johnna Gale, aka the Kitchen Shaman, offers cooking lessons, recipe development, and culinary coaching. Her blog delves into the history of food and how various ingredients and dishes traveled around the world while providing handy cooking tips and tasty vegan and gluten-free recipes.  The site can be reached here.

Things Vegans Cook

This site celebrates vegan food. Every week the blog features a recipe, a video, and a book made for and by vegans from around the world.  There’s also great food pics to provide inspiration and prove that not all vegan food is boring.  See it for yourself by clicking here.