Creativity Coaching


Creativity coaching is a tool long used by artists in all media to help them break through blocks and tackle new challenges in their field. Business people also find it helpful when they are launching new products or services or simply when they have an idea that might become a product or service. Birthing a business idea is no different than creating a new piece of art, though there may be more layers of paperwork involved in the former.

D’Marie has coached both artists and entrepreneurs – and artists who wanted to build a business around their art! – work through the fears, doubts, and internal blocks that interrupt the process of creative thought. As a writer and mixed media artist, D’Marie has first-hand experience with the crippling effects of “writer’s block” and the tools to help you break thru all kinds of blocks so you can get on with the work.

Note: creativity coaching is NOT therapy. If your blocks are due to deeper psychological issues, please seek out a qualified professional to work through those problems. Coaching is for the everyday thoughts and habits that can block creative expression.

Individual Coaching


D’Marie offers a free initial coaching assessment that can be conducted in person, on the phone, or using video chat software such as Skype. Once a coaching plan is agreed upon, payment may be made per session or in a package deal. Some coaching may be conducted via email or file sharing services as well as phone, video, and in person sessions.

Creativity Workshops


D’Marie is in the process of developing workshops on engaging creativity and unblocking imagination in both business and daily life. If you have a topic you’d like addressed in your business or organization, please feel free to contact D’Marie for a customized workshop.

Ask About Coaching or Workshops


If you are interested in obtaining a free coaching assessment or have questions about creativity coaching, please use the form below.

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