D’Marie has been writing and editing blogs since before the term was coined. They also write newsletters, press releases, articles, website content, social media campaigns, and even a few (as yet unpublished) novels.


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As a consultant D’Marie brings over  five years experience managing content for a wide range of blogs and websites in a variety of industries. They have also created social media content for small and medium-sized businesses and offer classes and workshops on developing and implementing content and social media strategies.


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Through creativity coaching D’Marie helps empower writers, artists, performers, and anyone who wants to learn to approach art, business, and life through a creative lens.


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Blank Page Prompt 3-21

Starting off the week with a prompt – whether from me or some other source – can seem daunting at first. Once you make it into a regular practice, though, you’ll find that it’s actually very freeing. Giving yourself permission to be creative before anything else is also very empowering. It can put you in the right frame of mind to tackle whatever the week throws at you.

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Blank Page Prompt 3-14

Ready for a prompt to kick your imagination off for the week? Call it a writing prompt, and art prompt, a “I can be creative, really I can” prompt.

Disengage your inner critic. Sit down with a blank page, screen, canvas, or whatever works for you. Just make something NOW.

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Blank Page Prompt 3-7

It’s time for this week’s creativity prompt. It’s designed to get your imagination running (or at least wake it up so it crawls out of bed).

Remember, you are free to do whatever you want with this prompt. Use it to start a short story or essay or written journal entry. Draw, paint or otherwise visually depict the prompt. Compose a short piece of music or a dance — or free dance to a short piece of music that you wrote. Turn it into a performance piece and show it to your dog if that’s where your imagination leads.

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Blank Page Prompt 2-29

We all have a creative or imaginative self. We just need to unlock it — or unblock it if it’s been repressed, ignored, or simply overwhelmed.

Every Monday I’ll provide a “blank page prompt” so you can start your week off with a simple creative exercise. Take the prompt below and do what you will: write a poem, journal, draw, paint, collage, sculpt, write in chalk on the driveway if that’s what it takes.

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